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                                                                                       SKY FILMS TORONTO

Cinematography is one of the best ways to preserve and document your wedding day. Our cinematographers are beloved for their ability to tell the beautiful emotional truth of your story. Your most heartfelt not-to-be missed moments, the voices, the movement, the laughter and tears of joy will all be expertly edited to tell your most inspiring love story. More than a keepsake, this treasure is a family heirloom. Sky Films values the wedding film more than just beautiful shots put to music. We believe your video should tell a story full of emotions. We specially tailor your wedding video to reflect your unique style as a couple. It is your wedding and yours alone.  No conspicuous equipment and lighting. Sky Films Toronto was inspired by and created for those who love; we are a small team of artists who use cinematography and photography as our tools to best capture a limited number of weddings each year.